Instructions on using an FT Wafer lure in a non FT Wafer Trap


The FT Wafer lures were specifically designed to be used in the FT Wafer Trap, however, they can be easily adapted to use in other types of traps, particularly those that require the lure to hang.  The following outlines how the FT Wafer lures can be modified for use in these traps.

Starting Equipment

The only required equipment is shown below:

  1. gloves,

  2. the FT Wafer lures,

  3. the “hanger” from which the lure is to be hung (a standard Jackson Trap metal hanger is shown below), and

  4. some wire (#3 picture wire is used below although small gage copper wire and many other standard readily available small gage wire can be used).


  1. Wearing gloves, remove the FT Wafer lure from it’s pouch.


  2. Using a 4 to 6 inch measure of the wire, simply force the wire through a corner of the wafer as shown below (perhaps an 1/4 of an inch from the edge).


  3. Twist the wire so that the FT Wafer lure will be held firm leaving the ends free to be used to tie around the hanger.


  4. Twist the free ends of the wire around the metal hanger.


  5. The hanger can then be place in the trap with the lure ready to go.